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Durello (Durella)

Durello, or Durella, is a white grape variety from the Veneto region in Italy, known for its zesty and refreshing wines with high acidity, crispness, and citrus flavors, particularly used in the production of sparkling wines

Varietal origin: Durello, also known as Durella, is a white grape variety that is native to the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. It is primarily grown in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza.

Typical taste profile: Durello wines are characterized by their fresh and zesty nature. They typically exhibit high acidity, crispness, and citrus flavors, including notes of lemon and green apple. Durello wines are often described as lively, refreshing, and ideal for warm weather sipping.

Regional styles: Durello is primarily used to produce sparkling wines in the Veneto region, particularly in the Lessini Mountains and the Soave DOC. Traditional production methods involve refermentation in bottle, similar to the Champagne method, resulting in lively and effervescent sparkling wines with bright acidity and citrus flavors.

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