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Avesso, a vibrant and aromatic white grape from Portugal's Vinho Verde region, produces refreshing and floral wines with a unique character, making it a hidden gem for wine enthusiasts seeking something different and intriguing

Varietal origin: Avesso is a native Portuguese grape varietal, primarily grown in the Vinho Verde region of northwest Portugal. It is also found in other regions of Portugal, such as Douro and Trás-os-Montes.

Typical taste profiles: Avesso wines are known for their floral and citrus aromas, with notes of white flowers, orange blossom, and lemon. They are typically medium-bodied with moderate acidity, and they can exhibit a good balance of fruitiness and freshness. Avesso wines are often described as vibrant and aromatic, with a unique character that sets them apart from other Portuguese white grape varietals.

Regional styles: Avesso is used to produce still white wines in the Vinho Verde region, often blended with other local grape varietals. These wines are typically dry or slightly off-dry, with a refreshing acidity and a crisp, mineral-driven character. Avesso is also sometimes used in the production of sparkling wines, adding a floral and citrusy character to the bubbles. In recent years, there has been experimentation with oak-aged Avesso wines, which can exhibit additional layers of complexity and texture.

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