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Aladasturi: the exotic gem of Georgian winemaking, with its distinctive flavors, bright character, and traditional winemaking methods, showcasing the ancient winemaking heritage of the Republic of Georgia

Varietal origin: Aladasturi is a red grape varietal that is native to the Republic of Georgia, a country with a rich winemaking history that dates back thousands of years. Aladasturi is primarily grown in the region of Samegrelo, located in western Georgia.

Typical taste profiles: Aladasturi wines are known for their unique and distinctive taste profile. They are typically medium-bodied with moderate acidity and soft tannins. Aladasturi wines exhibit flavors of red fruits such as cherry and raspberry, with floral notes and hints of spice. They are often described as having a bright and vibrant character with a pronounced freshness.

Regional styles: Aladasturi is used to produce both red and rosé wines in Georgia. In Samegrelo, Aladasturi wines are typically made using traditional Georgian winemaking techniques, such as fermentation in large clay vessels called qvevri, which imparts unique flavors and textures to the wine. Some producers also use Aladasturi in blends with other indigenous Georgian grape varietals, such as Ojaleshi or Dzelshavi, to create more complex and layered wines.

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