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Jerzu Antichi Poderi

Founded in 1950, thanks to the interest of the local physician: Dr. Josto Miglior (a character who became legendary in Sardinia for its value) and other illuminated jerzesi. The initial nucleus consisted of 45 members with the best and oldest farms in the region, located in the heart of Ogliastra, where the cultivation of the precious Cannonau vine has always found its ideal habitat. Wild and generous land on the eastern side of Sardinia, Ogliastra alternates rolling hills and green forests limited by the typical mountain ridges of Sardinia. The crystalline reflections of the Sardinian sea are visible in the valley offering in a single glimpse the beauty and contrasts of the island. The constant effort to improve the vineyard, the skillful care of the vines, the careful selection of the grapes, refined wine-making techniques and aging make it possible to obtain a consistency of quality always at the highest levels.

​Antichi Poderi in Jerzu in the central-East part of Sardinia, is a cooperative with 430 wine grower members: a company model like few others that combines quality with the peculiar characteristics of its territory. In recent years, many efforts have been devoted to improve – day by day – what nature has given to its territory for thousands of years without forcing it. It was then possible to enhance the genius intuition of 45 members who created a cellar in 1950, which was in the heart of the oldest and most renowned farms in the area. Today, Antichi Poderi Jerzu is synonymous with a range of products with a renewed image, in line with the tastes of the moment but without distorting its natural identity. The vineyards are situated in the towns of Jerzu, Ulassai, Osini, Gairo, Cardedu and Tertenia, on gentle slopes that reaches the sea from the Gennargentu mountains, a coasts famous for their white sand and colorful water. The climate condition on the vineyards brings grapes with a very intense scents and great natural gradation. Jerzu is located in a remote area far from the main communication links, that is why it hasn’t been contaminated by the many cultures that took power over the years, leaving its extraordinary authenticity. The beautiful and inaccessible view from the winery situated at more than 500 meters above sea level, reflects the personality of the members: honest men and women who always put authenticity before profits.