Pulpoloco Red Sangria NV

It is not just a wine, but a new lifestyle.
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Primary Notes: Cherry Fig Dill

Secondary Notes: Oaky

Tertiary Notes: Dried FruitTobacco

Body: Light

Dryness: Sweet


Tannin: Medium +

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Madrid, Spain

Maker: Pulpoloco

Grape: Tempranillo / Tinta Fino

Fermentation: Steel Only



Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed at 6 degrees

Asian Food Pairing: Thai Basil fried rice, mee goreng, mala

Western Food Pairing: Fried calamari, Fish and chips, spam fries


Pulpoloco Red Sangria

PULPOLOCO offers people a different and innovative wine that is youthful, fresh, and full of vitality. It is not just a wine, but a new lifestyle.¬† The name of the brand is original and full of meaning.¬† PULPO means the intelligent and bold animal, while LOCO means crazy, so in all PULPOLOCO comes with the meaning ‚ÄúThe Crazy Animal‚ÄĚ.
Based on traditional Spanish Recipe, PULPOLOCO Sangria is a refreshing wine cocktail, made with best Spanish wine, orange, lemon and a bit of cinnamon giving it a sweet, fresh and unique essence.
We love how this can be paired with almost anything! Fried spicy, savoury, sweet - by the pool, by the beach, at home. A must have back up in every fridge!
Smooth Red Sangria is an authentic light-bodied blend of luscious fruits, spices and elegant 100% Tempranillo wine.
Recommendation Pairing : Add chopped fruits and ice in a jug. Pour chilled PULPOLOCO Sangria wine then stir it.

    • Orange.¬†This is the classic citrus fruit people add to red wine-based sangria. Orange pairs perfectly with the next go-to fruit on this list.

    • Apple.¬†For a traditional take on a red wine sangria, go with apple. Just be sure to pick a variety you enjoy eating. Cut the apple into cubes or thin slices, depending on which presentation you prefer.

    • Peach.Slice juicy chunks of peach into white wine sangria in place of apple. It makes it super refreshing and delicious.

    • Lemon.¬†Don't have oranges in your fruit bowl? Lemon is another citrus fruit to try when preparing sangria. It pairs well with a white or sparkling sangria and is perfect for warm days.

    • Plum.¬†Swap apple for plum for a red wine sangria with a little twist.

    • Strawberry.¬†Strawberries work great with a white or sparkling wine sangria.

 750ml bottle 


    • PULPOLOCO¬†Sangria Red¬†Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper in Singapore Newspaper wines, Spirits and Beers Competition.

    • PULPOLOCO enters their unique Spanish Sangria and their Award-winning Still Wines in London Wine Competition.