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Michael Gindl Bubbles Pet Nat Red NV

Cheers to breaking the rules and embracing the fun side of wine
Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero) and Roesler
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BODY: Medium -
Medium +

Origin: Weinvertel, Austria

Grape Varietals:
Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero) and Roesler


Petillant Naturel






Gindl Bubbles Pet Nat Red NV is a playful and lively sparkling wine that breaks the mold with its unconventional yet delightful character. This wine offers a unique twist on traditional sparkling wines, captivating wine enthusiasts with its vibrant flavors and effervescence.

Grape Varietals & Region: Gindl Bubbles Pet Nat Red NV is crafted from a blend of red grape varietals, sourced from the vineyards of Gindl Estate in Austria. Blend of Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir) & Roesler.

Taste Profile: Get ready for a burst of lively flavors and refreshing bubbles. Gindl Bubbles Pet Nat Red NV delights the palate with its vibrant fruitiness and lively effervescence. It offers a medley of red fruit flavors, such as ripe berries and cherries, accompanied by a subtle touch of funky spice. The natural fermentation process and minimal intervention result in a wine with a lively acidity, a light body, and a delightfully playful texture.

Winemaking Process: Gindl Bubbles Pet Nat Red NV is crafted using the ancestral method, also known as Petillant Naturel or Pet Nat. This method involves bottling the wine before the primary fermentation is complete, allowing the remaining sugars and yeasts to naturally carbonate the wine. This creates the characteristic effervescence and unique flavors of the wine. The winemaker's attention to detail and commitment to natural winemaking practices result in a wine that truly embodies the essence of its grape varietals and terroir.

Michael Gindl is known for his innovative and avant-garde approach to winemaking. He has gained recognition for commitment to sustainable and organic practices, as well as an ability to create wines that push the boundaries of tradition. His passion and creativity shine through in every bottle, capturing the essence of the vineyards and expressing it in a delightfully unconventional way.