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Temple Street Cocktails

Temple Street

Temple Street was created to bring world class, quality, ready-to-pour cocktails to Singapore - with each hand-crafted cocktail made right here at home.

The brand was born in 2020, during the height of the pandemic when Singapore was under strict lockdown. No strangers to drink production or sales, the Temple Street team had been exploring the world of cocktails, but struggled to find a local supplier that covered our need for quality, affordability and production capacity.

So, we took it upon ourselves and partnered with some of the best experts in the game to create locally-produced bottled cocktails. The initial cocktail range is developed by the renowned cocktail consultants at Proof & Company, led by Jason Williams, who are behind some of the region's top award-winning bars.

Created with precision, with a focus on quality ingredients and switching up some key elements, Temple Street blends tradition and modernity in all the best ways. 

Temple Street cocktails are produced by the guys at Trouble Brewing.