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Maison Trimbach

Maison Trimbach is a family run winery in Ribeauvillé, in the heart of Alsace, that has devoted all its resources to producing great Alsace wines since 1626.


Maison Trimbach's viticultural origins date back to 1626. Since then, 12 generations of rigorous winemakers and ambassadors devoted to the passion for Alsace wines have constantly distinguished themselves by the quality and authenticity of their wines, to patiently develop, from father to son, a solid reputation. The 13th generation joined the estate a few years ago and Maison Trimbach continues to thrive under their leadership.


The Alsatian vineyard is in an exceptional region. The climate is semi-continental: cold winters, hot and dry summers, sometimes stormy, and beautiful and dry autumns. Optimal sunshine and very low rainfall as it is protected from oceanic influences by the Vosges mountains.

The vines planted on the sub-Vosges hills, on the slopes, have an essential impact on the quality of the grapes: drainage, less fertile soils, better exposure to the sun and ideal orientations: South, South-East, South-West.

Maison Trimbahc's vines are located on the Ribeauvillé fracture field. This field traverses the vineyard from North to South, from Rodern to Turckheim. 70% of their vineyard (58 ha owned) is mainly concentrated in the villages of Ribeauvillé, Bergheim and Hunawihr.

The Ribeauvillé fault offers a mosaic of exceptional terroirs including, in particular, complex limestone rocks including the shell limestone called “Muschelkalk”, the favourite terroir of their king grape variety: Riesling. There are also marls, sandstone from the Vosges, migmatites, a mixture of gneiss and granite, etc.

Each grape variety has its favourite terroir: there is a real positive synergy between grape variety and terroir: the terroir sublimates the grape variety, which expresses the terroir in the most beautiful way. Riesling, half of the production at Trimbach, is to them the most incredible white grape in the world in this sense.  

Their vines are on average 45 years old: at this stage the root network is fully established in its soil and reveals all its facets / specificities.

Each of their wines are therefore always made from a single grape variety (except for the Pinot Blanc, which is blended with Auxerrois). But the soils differ and each plot has its own meso-climate.

All these elements allow Maison Trimbach to create wines with very complex and varied expressions.

Certification and biodiversity

All of Maison Trimbach's 58-ha vineyard and the purchases of grapes from their 35 winegrowers are already HVE3 certified and are in the process of Organic Certification for 2023.

They have already been growing their vines organically for over 10 years alongside partner winemakers who have joined them in this process.