Oxer Marko DO Bizkaiko Txakolina 2020

Petit Courbu (Hondarribi Zuri Zerratia), Courbu Blanc (Crouchen, Hondarrabi Zuri), and Petit Manseng (Izkiriota Txikia)
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NOTES: Bay leaf Apple, pear Lime Creamy

BODY: Medium +




ALCOHOL (%): 13%

ORIGIN: Pais Vasco (Txakolina & More), Basque Country



  • Petit Courbu (Hondarribi Zuri Zerratia)
  • Courbu Blanc (Crouchen, Hondarrabi Zuri)
  • Petit Manseng (Izkiriota Txikia)

FERMENTATION: Biodynamic Steel Only

AWARDS: >90 pts


ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Croquette, tempura

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: oyster, canapes, citrusy tarts


Oxer Marko DO Bizkaiko Txakolina 2020

The Basque have great respect for nature and also for the houses they live in. They even give them names. Marko is the name of Oxer’s family house, which is surrounded by the winery’s vineyards.

A very fresh wine dominated by fresh citrus and green fruit (lime, green apple, pear) and a defined herbal touch (bay leaf). The wines shows a mouthfilling softness caused by the time spent on its lees, and has a salty finish.

55% Hondarribi Zuri Zerratia (Petit Courbu), 40% Hondarribi Zuri (Gros Courbu) and 5% Izkiriota Handia (Gros Manseng).

The alcoholic fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks, using autochthonous yeasts. The wine then spends four months in contact with the lees using bâtonnage which gives it extra character.

The vineyards are located in Kortezubi, a small town near the Biscayan coast with an Atlantic, humid and temperate climate favoring slow ripening. Rainfall ranges between 1000-1300mm, being the most abundant rainy season in spring and winter.

Shallow and not very fertile soils, slightly acidic and with a clay loam texture, on limestone rock and marl, sloping and with good solar orientation. Always faithful to the idea of ​​vegetation cover in vineyards, biodynamics and permaculture make the txakolis, direct, gastronomic and different wines.