Chalari Wines Vermentino Chenin Blend 2021

A wine that proves opposites attract, like Vermentino and Chenin Blanc doing a graceful tango on your taste buds
Vermentino and Chenin Blanc
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Citrus Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Mineral, and Herbaceous,

BODY: Medium
Medium +
Medium -
Moderate (9-12%)

Origin: Western Australia (Margaret River, Swan Valley & More), Australia

Grape Varietals:

Vermentino and Chenin Blanc

Minimal Intervention and Organic
Crushed, Extended Skin Contact, On Lees Ageing, and Wild yeast



Roast chicken, Potato salad, Pesto

Thai Papaya Salad, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Sambal Kang Kong


Chalari Wines Vermentino Chenin Blend 2021

Chalari Wines Vermentino Chenin Blend 2021 is a captivating and harmonious wine that combines the best of two distinct grape varietals, Vermentino and Chenin Blanc. This unique blend showcases the winemaker's artistry and the exceptional terroir of the vineyard, resulting in a wine that is vibrant, aromatic, and full of character.

Grape Varietals & Region: This wine is a blend of Vermentino and Chenin Blanc, two grapes that thrive in different regions but come together beautifully in this bottle. Vermentino, typically grown in Mediterranean climates, brings its refreshing acidity and vibrant citrus flavors, while Chenin Blanc, often associated with the Loire Valley, adds richness, depth, and enticing aromatics.

Taste Profile: The Vermentino Chenin Blend offers a delightful taste profile that combines the best qualities of both grapes. On the nose, you'll encounter aromas of ripe citrus fruits, white flowers, and a hint of tropical notes, creating an inviting and complex bouquet. The palate is crisp and lively, with flavors of zesty lemon, juicy pear, and a touch of honeyed sweetness. The wine's well-balanced acidity and medium body make it a versatile and enjoyable choice for various occasions.

Winemaking Process: The grapes used in this blend are carefully selected from vineyards that offer optimal growing conditions for both Vermentino and Chenin Blanc. After harvest, the grapes are gently pressed, and the juice undergoes a cool fermentation process to retain the vibrant fruit flavors and aromas.

The winemaker at Chalari Wines is dedicated to crafting exceptional wines that express the unique qualities of the grapes and the terroir. With a deep understanding of the vineyard and a passion for winemaking, they strive to create wines that embody the essence of the region and delight wine enthusiasts.