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Capreolus Distillery Garden Swift Gin

Winner of the hugely prestigious The Whisky Exchange Spirit of the Year 2017
  • $108.00


How does one create a gin of truly exceptional character? For Barney, this was the primary question as the idea of creating a classically styled gin held no attraction.

To a distiller whose focus is on a complete isolation of the perfection of each fruit, this was not an easy task. A vast store of seeds, spices, flowers, herbs, roots and fruits, were grown, traded and collected. Hundreds of individual distillations and blends were made. The majority were discounted leaving a selection of 34 botanicals. The recipe is held as a secret but individual examples include fresh Sicilian blood orange zest cut on site (never dried, the floral nature is completely lost, and without a trace of bitter pith), and flowers from the British native small leaved lime tree, Tillia cordata (an aroma of interlaced flowers and honey).

These botanicals are either macerated directly for 40 hours or suspended above for a gentle liberation of aroma through the rising steam. This only allows a limited number of 200 bottles per batch, nothing added but local water. To showcase the chosen botanicals, Barney has chosen a spirit made from British wheat, soft and neutral.

Rich and incredibly complex, this is a gin to be savoured neat as much as in cocktails. Organic blood orange, flowers, spice, berries, pine, drying resins and sweetness fill the mouth. It transcends expectations of a gin.

ABV: 47%