An important white wine of Sardinia & Tuscany. Expect lime, grapefruit apple & almond flavors from this dry, acidic grape. Oily textures similar to a Viognier, think of it as a great value Sauvignon Blanc.



What's interesting about Vermentino is that because it's relatively unknown, you can find beautifully complex Vermentino at a great value. Drawing many similarities with Sauvignon Blanc, it is light bodied yet carries complex notes. Higher levels of phenols contribute to it's greem almond note, while offering up lively aromas of pear, peach, lime & grapefruit. Usually dry with an oily texture, it can have a bitter note at the end. 

You will notice some Vermentino can have a either a floral & zesty style, or a rich & creamy style. This rich style is created by introducing a special bacteria called Oenococcus oeni, creating malolactic fermentation. 

Pair it with beautiful fish or chicken tacos, or any medium-weight dishes that play with rich herbs and spices. Due to its bolder intensity, you can easily match this wine with richer fish such as halibut or even meats as bold as fennel-spiced pork sausages.


Nearly half of all Vermentino wine is made in Sardinia. The highest quality Vermentino wines in Sardinia come from the northeastern part called Vermentino di Gallura DOCG. Vermentino di Gallura is required to be a minimum of 95% Vermentino and the “Superiore” quality wines have more rigorous minimum quality restrictions.

Corsica produces several amazing Vermentino wines (called Vermentinu), which offer high acidity with lean minerality and subtle smokiness.

You can also find it in Provence, where it's called Rolle & is the secret ingredient to Provence style Rose.

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