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Viñas Familia Gil

Gil Family Estates / Viñas Familia Gil

More than a century has dawned on Viñas Familia Gil since they bottled their first wine. The Gil Family takes care of the old vineyards that their ancestors gave them with patience and love. The grapes are grown from small wineries from the main wine regions around Spain. Like family, they unite a selection of wines from different origins into a single brand through quality and tradition. Like the native grapes, related by the same family trunk with different temperaments, they endured and emerged from the first strains. The Gil Family incorporated technology that allowed them to comply with rigorous quality control. But the memory of inherited knowledge continues to accompany them and helps them recognise if the new buds will give a good harvest or the methods to trim the vines to concentrate the flavours in the berries. Time has allowed the old vines to be combined with new techniques to improve work performance and enhance the nuances of the wine.

The family has vineyards in Juan Gil, Lagar da Condesa, Atalaya, Ateca, Can Blau, El Nido, Morca, Rosario Vera, Shaya, and Tridente.