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Bodegas Morca

Bodegas Morca in Campo de Borja, is the second winery in Aragón belonging to the Juan Gil family’s group (Viñas Familia Gil). It is their latest project, which started in 2014 with the successful start-up of the small winery. The winery is located in the village of Borja, Northwest of the province of Zaragoza (Aragón), in an area dominated by the Moncayo Mountain range. Currently, the bodega owns 120 hectares of vineyard increased from its original 30 hectares.

The Vineyard

Embracing the limestone soils of the fields of Borja, the old strains resist the furious Cierzo winds. The wind leaves a mark on the character of the vines that is heard and felt, a phenomenon that sometimes exhibits the strength of a hurricane but is unseen. In the Garnacha Empire, each grape is proud of resisting the high contrasts of temperature and the thirst of soils.

The priests extended the vines over the Moncayo slopes centuries ago, where they are cultivated at different altitudes. The vitality and freshness concentrated in the clusters during the passing of the dawns is manifested in the intense and fruity wines.