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Feudi Salentini

The company is named Feudi Salentini after the Feudalism time, when carriages, castles, dames and knights had a leading role in such a magical land. This was the extraordinary scenario where wine was considered to be the most prestigious and healthy drink.

Supported by their young co-workers, every day Cosimo and Maria Teresa Varvaglione write a story based on quality and love for this land. Freestanding vines, hand-picked grapes as in the past, ancient traditions passed on through the time.

The winery is a place where both ancient traditions and advanced technology turn outstanding grapes into excellent wines. Feudi Salentini was set in 1994 in Leporano. This is one of the most beautiful areas in Salento, surrounded by vineyards, centuries-old olive trees and a crystalline sea.

They believe that the quality of wines is able to become the symbol of a territory, of a recurring history, of a three-generation-long passion. Such an identity gives energy to a young and highly-motivated team led by Cosimo and Maria Teresa Varvaglione.

All activities of the Feudi Salentini company originate in the Southern area of Apulia, known as “Salento”. The choice has been driven by the true love for both the land and the sun of this territory. In fact, such factors give high quality to Feudi Salentini wines. Salento includes the Apulian provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce, identifying itself with a land rich in flavours, fragrances, culture and traditions that join each other to create a sweet harmony of warm colours and intense aromas. It is a land characterized by the Mediterranean scrub, where the intense green of vineyards and the majestic centuries-old olive trees stand out on the background of a crystalline sea, while being cuddled by the wind that brushes their fronds. It is a land where the soil and climate conditions, the hot sun, the wind and the sea favour the cultivation of grapes that make salentine wines unique and special.

The Feudi Salentini company managed to combine the peculiarities of a rich and abundant land, the wine-producing traditions and the innovations of a company in step with the times. In fact, it produces a wide variety of wines originating from the autochthonous vine varieties of Salento, whose taste and aromas denote the distinctiveness of this extraordinary land.