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Cantine Europa

It is important for Cantine Europa to communicate the product through the bottle and not just the label. The idea of ​​the label as a representative image of the product would be good if we already had an important past with the bottle. Cantine Europa has decided to focus on the bottled product, and therefore the bottles must be evident. So, the idea is to replace the labels with the bottles, however you want to put them.


Sibiliana is the new project of the Cantine Europa Group created to enhance and select the best grapes of its members, to obtain unique and high quality wines, able to satisfy the most current food and wine trends. Excellence of raw materials and product innovation, combined with the great reliability of Cantine Europa, will make “Sibiliana” the added value to proceed into the future, but respecting our traditions.

History & Territory
It is the pact between the winemakers, members of Cantine Europa, for the selection of vineyards and grapes that deserve all the best attention. The goal is simple: to produce wines that can represent the environment and culture of our territories. Sibiliana is the brand of these wines and it is the tool to enable them to be o ered to the most demanding consumers from all over the world.

Territory and vineyards
The territory is a unique heritage due to the large extension of its vineyards. The brightness of the lands of western Sicily, the mild and breezy climate, the alternation of plains and gentle hills, are the ideal conditions for an advanced and selective viticulture.

But with the word territory we mean something more: an extraordinary set of centuries-old histories, farming families and stainless traditions that must be defended by building value around a single common denominator: the grape and its wine. The production base consists of over 4500 hectares of vineyards in the provinces of Trapani, Agrigento and Palermo.

The countless possible combinations between cultivation (both local and international), soil characteristics, training systems, vineyard exposure and plant altitude facilitate an intense grape selection activity, an indispensable and precious premise for guaranteeing the best possible quality for our wines.