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The winery, located in the heart of Tuscany, between two of the most significant historical centers of the region, Pisa and Florence, born in 1994, from the experience of three generations who have been able to pass on, year after year, all their knowledge and tradition in wine field, as well as the passion for good wine.

Every day Cerester, specialized in the export of bulk and bottled wine all over the world, operates in the production and marketing of wines of different origins, denomination and typology, guaranteeing added value to a product that is not only genuine, but also a spokesperson for the prestige and Italian tradition.

The winery remains deeply linked to the culture of their land and food and wine education that constitute a fundamental step for the production of the company. Cerester is committed to making a wine a real way of being, applying all the knowledge in the oenological field and using an expert and competent staff so that it is always possible to give an added value to a product that is not only good but a flag of Italian prestige in the world! 

The Founder

Throughout his whole life, David Volterrani has always been in contact with wine.

He attended an economics-focused high school, and he’s had his first hands-on experience in his father’s winery.

Prior to launching Cerester srl, he has traveled to Australia and New Zealand to take part in two different harvests. He’s never really stopped traveling ever since and has attended wine fairs all around the world.

In 1994 David decided to make a bold move and founded Cerester, his own business. At first, the winery dealt primarily with bulk wines. In the last 5-6 years, Cerester has switched to bottling and has created brands that have proven successful in many countries all around the world.