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Kikkawa Afuri Akatsuki Mizumoto Wine Barrel

Super modern expression with sweetness balanced by acidity & a hint of tannins
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Kikkawa Afuri Akatsuki Mizumoto Wine Barrel

Although many sake breweries boast their exceptionally soft natural water, Kikkawa Jozo has a different approach entirely. Of the 3 wells on the brewery property, the well with the most mineral content is drawn for brewing, contributing to their beautifully crisp Sake.

Kikkawa Jozo combines traditional brewing methods such as Hako-Koji production with more modern techniques and updated equipment. The 5 full-time brewers are all younger than average and represent a new generation of passionate sake artisans.

Type: Sake
Country: Japan
Region: Kanagawa
Rice: Miyamanishiki
Alcohol Percentage: 13%

Designation: Junmai
Polishing Ratio: 65%
Yeast Variety: No cultured yeast
Tasting Notes:
 A refreshing sake with bright acidity and a hint of tannins. An absolutely modern expression of sake