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Kew Organic Gin

Truly a 'London' gin.
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Kew Organic Gin

A quintessential London Dry, Kew Organic Gin is crafted in exclusive partnership with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and is made using the finest selection of organic botanicals and then distilled in our copper pot still “Christina”.

An extraordinary distillation of over 20 botanicals, floral aromas come from passionflower and lavender, and aromas of parma violets from the addition of orris. Aptly floral for a gin made in partnership with Kew Garden (considering the multitude of flowers present within the garden walls), joined by hints of dried orange and earthy beansprouts. A citrus fruit body then takes center stage, a harmonious blend of lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange and bergamot peel alongside wild bilberries and kaffir lime leaf. Juniper is present and fresh, alongside pine forest herbaceous notes leading to some fresh ginger heat. A honeyed note comes from liquorice root, well-balanced with the black pepper notes.

Its style is floral, fresh and deeply aromatic, this gin is a testament to the beauty of Kew Gardens.