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Kamara Pet Nat Blooming Mountain 2022

Bloom like a flower, explode like a jucy orange!
Muscat and Moschofilero
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, Yeasty / Brioche

BODY: Medium -
Very Dry
Medium +

Origin: Northern Greece (Macedonia, Thrace & More), Greece

Grape Varietals:

Muscat and Moschofilero


Petillant Naturel






Kamara Pet Nat Blooming Mountain 2022 is a delightful sparkling wine that showcases the vibrant and effervescent nature of the Petillant Naturel winemaking method

Grape Varietal & Region: Kamara Pet Nat Blooming Mountain is crafted using a blend of grape varietals sourced from the Blooming Mountain vineyard. It is a blend of 80% Muscat & 20% Moschofilero. The vineyard is located in a picturesque mountainous region, known for producing expressive and high-quality grapes.

Taste Profile: This Pet Nat bursts with lively flavors and a playful character. The wine offers a refreshing and slightly fizzy mouthfeel, making it a perfect choice for casual and joyful occasions. The taste profile features a medley of bright fruit flavors, such as crisp green apples, citrusy notes of lemon and grapefruit, and a snap of jasmine flower to the nose. It showcases a zesty acidity that adds liveliness and a touch of mineral complexity.

Winemaking Process: Kamara Pet Nat is made using the Petillant Naturel, or "Pet Nat," method, which is an ancient and artisanal style of sparkling winemaking. The wine is fermented naturally with indigenous yeasts, and the must of Muscat with the skins for some days in cool temperature before the fermentation and during the fermentation. After the end of fermentation we put the wine (of Muscat) into small amphoras for some months. The next year we add fermented must of Moschofilero to the wine in bottle. This provides the sparkle and lees-y feel as it gets turned into alcohol and CO2, and not disgorging makes it hazy, creating broader palate weight, pleasing textures, and balance throughout.

Kamara is a renowned winery dedicated to producing natural and expressive wines. The winemaker behind Kamara Pet Nat Blooming Mountain embraces sustainable and organic practices, allowing the true character of the grapes and the terroir to shine through in the final wine. They have a passion for crafting unique and enjoyable wines that capture the essence of the vineyard and the region.