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Grander Rhum Hors D'Age Single Barrel

This is a unique Grander Rum cask that has been aged for at least 8 years in Panama and bottled to cask strength, it perfectly exemplifies l'esprit de Grander.
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Grander Rhum Hors D'Age Single Barrel

This Grander Single Barrel rum has benefited from maturation in a single barrel, hence its name (“Single Barrel” being a synonym for “ Single Cask ”).

This traditional rum , made from molasses, is produced in Panama, in the heart of the Ingenio San Carlos distillery.

A welcoming nose where notes of oak and spices mix with aromas of vanilla. A rich taste with aromas of nutmeg, dried fruits, pepper and notes of bourbon and sugar cane.

It results from a fermentation process using yeasts cultivated by the distillery, the recipe of which is kept secret, and a distillation carried out in a copper column still, and an aging of at least 8 years.

Bottled at barrel strength, it has benefited from cold filtration.