The vine has always been a peculiar characteristic of the wonderful land of Puglia. With a Mediterranean climate and mild temperatures, the territory enjoys the frequent sea breezes coming from the coast, to which our plants are also exposed.

Overlooking the Ionian coast, Magna Graecia still bears the signs of the cultural fervour brought by the Hellenic colonization of southern Italy in the seventh century BC. The capital was the city of Taranto.

The company is spread over a total area of about 44 hectares, 32 of which are vineyards, located in the area of Manduria (home of the famous Primitivo vine) and neighboring areas falling within the production area of high quality wines classified with the PDO Primitivo di Manduria and PGI Salento.



Exclusive native grape variety of the beautiful land of Apulia. Our Negroamaro is located in different geographical areas between Manduria and Lizzano, where it benefits from the temperature and fresh winds of the Ionian Sea. A variety that expresses hints of Mediterranean maquis with a very rich pulp and a compact bunch.


The king of Apulian vines. It is a variety of great vigour, which matures very early, developing great characteristics of concentration and taste and aroma power.

The company owns several hectares of this variety, bred partly with the spurred cordon method but also with the ancient and traditional “sapling” method. The properties cultivated with sapling are those of more advanced age.

Fiano Salento

Characterized by a very low yield, it has been revalued in recent decades in Puglia by those companies oriented to high quality in their production. A grape variety with excellent olfactory characteristics, able to express in our wine a pleasant, round fruit, but at the same time of good drinkability and freshness.

Journalist turn winemaker

Vespa Vignaioli for passion is the name under which the company Futura 14 has been presenting itself to the Italian and international market since 2014.

Bruno Vespa has been a TV journalist with a passion for the world of wine since the great Luigi Veronelli taught him to love the men and women who are part of it since the 1970s.

For decades Vespa has been telling the story in his articles and one day he decided to become a winemaker himself, associating his sons Alessandro and Federico with the company. The Vespa family owns the splendid Masseria Li Reni, located in Manduria, Puglia, and owns over 34 hectares of land, a large part of which is already planted with vines and a part in the recent planting phase.