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Torre dei Beati

The name of the estate - Torre dei Beati, derives from the detail of a large 14th century fresco, which adorns the local church of S. Maria in Piano. In the representation of the Judgement Day, the “Tower of the Blessed” (“Torre dei Beati”) is the final goal that souls, who have reached the after-life, strive to gain access to after many efforts and difficult trials.

This parable reflects the inspiration principles of our business, which is based on the desire to express, thanks to extremely careful selections in the vineyard and winery, the best native grapes that we cultivate in this particularly apt area of Loreto Aprutino.

Our family-run winemaking business started in 1999, when we decided to start managing ourselves the vineyard that our father Rocco had been looking after since 1972. Since we believe that it’s impossible to separate the quality of a wine from its naturalness, we immediately converted the vineyard to organic farming and our first bottle came onto the market in 2000.

We expanded the first original production unit, located on the ground floor of the old farmhouse at the centre of the estate, with a cellar for the ageing of wines and a new winery.

At the same time we increased our range of products by studying significant interpretations on the theme of Montepulciano and then also planting new Pecorino and Trebbiano grapes, the most interesting traditional white varieties of this region.

All our wines are made from grapes harvested on our own vineyards.

The Winery

The grapes, selected thanks to gradual harvesting into 20 kilos cases, are immediately brought to the winery, located in the old renovated farmhouse in the middle of the vineyard, where they are selected again on a sorting table, so that only the best are chosen. This process is applied to all grapes used for our wines, so that each category of wine can express the best potential according to the varieties cultivated in this traditionally apt area

In the winery, the most advanced technology is used to achieve a wine making that is traditional and respectful of the naturalness of the organic grapes. The strict selection in the vineyard and at the winery means that only perfectly healthy bunches are used for wine making and allows to obtain a quality wine with the smallest use of preservatives, complying with organic standards, which thus coincides exactly with the ethics of quality.

The Estate

We cultivate 21 hectares in Loreto Aprutino, between 250 and 300 m above sea level, approximately 25 kilometres from the Adriatic Sea, on the first hill spurs that, starting from the Tavo creek, raise towards the 3000 metre-tall Gran Sasso d’Italia, the highest mountain in the Apennine range. This particular position provides the vineyard with warm winds coming up from the sea during the day, and cold air coming down from the mountain at night, especially during the last month of maturation, when the Gran Sasso’s peaks are already covered in snow.

The Territory

Loreto Aprutino is one of the most important and ancient towns in the province of Pescara. The ancient agricultural vocation has over the centuries modelled the territory into this peculiar landscape. The traditional olive tree groves and vineyards are alternated with vegetable plots and arable land, with sudden areas of wild maquis shrubland, while badlands contrast with a landscape that is mostly composed of gentle hills that look very suitable for human settlement: important archaeological findings are witness to stable forms of living already by 4500 B.C.

Despite the smooth landscape and the privileged position as a junction between the mountain areas and the Adriatic coast, industries and concrete have spared the beauty of this part of the world until now, and agriculture is still the main activity.