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Recanati Winery

Recanati Winery was established in 2000, their philosophy is to produce local and original wines that will best express the local terroir. The winery is proud of its unprecedented achievements in recent years, both locally and internationally. However, they are not resting on their laurels and continue to cultivate new vineyards and conduct research in agriculture and wine. Most importantly, the wines are produced with great passion, with a constant drive to improve and give maximum expression to the wonderful Israeli terroir.

The winery is situated in Hefer Valley, Israel, and its vineyards are located mostly in the Upper Galilee, one of Israel’s high altitude regions best suited for high quality wines. Its warm days and contrastingly cool nights, together with ideal chalky-gravelly soil conditions and limited rainfall create an ideal environment to nurture the classic varietals.

The single vineyard series mostly comes from vineyards in the Jezreel Valley, Judean Hills, and Upper Galilee regions like Manara. The Jezreel Valley is filled with heavy valley soil at a lower altitude compared to the other vineyards. While the other vineyards are situated at a higher altitude (between 300 – 800m) and have soil that is rich in terra rosa and limestone.

The grapes are handpicked, arrive at the winery and undergo a process of destemming, fermentation and pressing before being sent to mature for 12 months in French oak barrels, approximately half of which are new. The wine is then bottled without any of the clarification processes and after coarse filtration alone, to preserve the gamut of flavors.