Farina Wines

The Farina family winemaking business was, in a way, an inevitable inheritance for the generations in the family to come. Before making the choice to join this extraordinary business, they experimented with other professional paths and is certain that producing wine is something they truly wanted to do. With this absolute conviction, passion and love for wines, they stepped into this world of winemaking. And with this love for producing wine, and creating the right relationship within the market, it translates into transparency in sharing exactly what they do in the vineyard and in the cellar. They are convinced that the most important thing is to be credible – a word, that seemed to be obsolete today.

The wines are the result of 45 hectares of selected Valpolicella Classica vineyards. 10 owned and 35 owned by historical suppliers, whom they have always considered their partners in the production of wines. The vineyards were given respect and spasmodic attention too allow for higher quality that enhances extraordinary grapes, such as Corvina.

There are 2 historic vineyards, veritable crus of Valpolicella. The Montefante vineyard (300m asl), with its tuffaceous, clayey and calcareous soil and the excellent hilly exposure represents an ideal habitat for the Corvina destined to their Amarone Montefante reserve. The other cru is the Montecorna vineyard, located on Mount Masua, characterized by an extraordinary calcareous soil.

To aspire the creation of noble wines, which enhance the grape variety and terroir, the best technologies and cutting-edge research tools are deployed in the winemaking and bottling processes. The wines are bottled at efficiently by an advanced bottling line and powered by a photovoltaic system to guarantee the highest hygiene and safety standards in the wine, to obtain longer-lived products. This displays the right balance of respecting traditions and showing courage in innovation.

The quality of the wine is born in the vineyard, but it is equally true that the technology in the cellar is also essential in enhancing the efforts made in the vineyard. The grapes are harvested and selected in boxes and left to dry in traditional fruit stands, with temperature and humidity constantly monitored. Slavonian, French and American oak barrels then lull the maturation of the wines in slow refinement. A wise use of technology and wood are combined to produce exceptional wines.