Obiz is located in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, a region in the North-East of Italy
well-known for producing excellent wines. Located in the quiet Borgo Gortani, the farm is placed in a strategic position, only 13 km from Grado, 10 km from the fortress-town of Palmanova and 27 km from the city of Udine.

If you want to, you can. These wines are proof of this: they are born from the marriage between the earth and the sea, where the Friulian plain and the Adriatic Sea meet and create something absolutely unique. White wines characterized by a refined crispness and interesting mineral notes, pleasingly persistent. The clays of these lands give us red wines of character, robust and complex.

The sun gets lost at sunset in these plains, crossed in the past by great civilizations, empires and armies, full of history and culture.


Obiz Wines is part of a small village, known in the past as Lòbiz (German pronunciation) or Lobìs (as pronounced in Friulano, a minority language of the Italian Republic). The name dis erived from Tommaso Obizzi, a banker from Rivo Alto in Venice and the landowner of the area in the sixteenth century. In 1878, the village was renamed Borgo Gortani when Nicolò Gortani bought the land. 

There is a long tradition of cultivating vines in the village: if the first contracts explicitly referring to it date back to 1728, the practice of wine-making in this area is much older, as pointed out by the hundreds of wine amphorae of the first century B.C. found in Aquileia and its surroundings. The area has clay soils – sandy soils of alluvial origin.

The special microclimate is generated by factors such as the proximity of the Adriatic Sea, the protective barrier of the Julian Prealps and good ventilation throughout all the time of the year, create a particularly favorable terroir for the cultivation of vines. Thereby here are produced fragrant white wines and well structured red wines.