Muyu is a modern liqueur, created with natural ingredients. Launched in February 2019, MUYU was created by three internationally renowned bartenders Alex Kratena, Monica Berg and Simone Caporale in partnership with De Kuyper Royal Distillers.

MUYU is named after the word for ‘seed’ in Quechan languages. The trio were inspired to create MUYU after a research trip to the Amazon rainforest in 2016. The brand is intended to promote biodiversity through responsible sourcing with a share of profits from each bottle also being donated to NGOs working in the region.

Monica, Simone and Alex each designed one of the three MUYU liqueurs – Jasmine Verte, Chinotto Nero and Vetiver Gris respectively.

Each liqueur is based on an eponymous ingredient with secondary ingredients harmoniously wrapped around each note to create a unique and complex liquid.  Several different techniques are used to extract aromatic substances from plants, flowers and fruits, including enfleurage, steam distillation, CO2 extraction and resinoids. These extraction processes are carried out in Grasse, a French town nicknamed the perfume capital of the word, and by De Kuyper in Schiedam, a Dutch city known for its historic distilleries. The extracts are then blended with alcohol, sugar, acids and water to create the final liqueur.

MUYU brings extraordinary ingredients to modern bartenders. They formulate liquids with a specific opinion on flavour to convey concepts of individual ingredients. Their mission is to make people passionate about ingredients, and to use their business to inspire and implement solutions to environmental crises.