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Maison Gamet

Four generations old, the Maison Gamet located in the Marne Valley, in Mardeuil, offers a rich family history! Born from back and forth between Fleury-la-Rivière & Mardeuil, it all started with two women, Victoire Garnier, “Mardouillate” & Berthe Heucq, “Fleurysienne”. It was in the post-war period, with the ambition to revolutionise the profession of winegrowers, that they recovered their vines and began to market their champagnes.

In the 1950s, François Gamet, grandson of Victoire Garnier, and Robert Heucq, grandson of Berthe Heucq both took up the torch to add a stone to the building and thus grow their family farms.

It was after a few years of coming and going in the valley that Fabienne Heucq, daughter of Robert & Philippe Gamet, son of François, met & decided in 1993 to add new foundations to the existing building!

Today marked by a transition to reasoned & sustainable viticulture, it is on the fourth generation that the future of the House rests.

A wine-growing and agricultural operation, Maison Gamet is now aiming for a new dynamism where the land's trades are in the spotlight! From Champagne to the development of mouth-watering products, many projects in harmony with nature are to come.


Independent craftsman & winemaker in Champagne, Maison Gamet defends its move to High Environmental Value certification, which introduces Fabienne and Philippe's desire to preserve their terroir and its environment. Combining tradition and modernity, the wines are produced in stainless steel vats and oak barrels, offering a great diversity during the tasting of clear wines at the beginning of the year.

To accentuate the heterogeneity in the blends, the Gamet Family varies its barrel suppliers, with of course barrels from the only cooperage in Champagne, but also barrels from a cooperage located in Bordeaux, and barrels from Sancerre, where famous wines have aged there. The know-how of a good winegrower does not stop at the making of the wine, but also at the passion for transmitting the art of working the grapes and understanding the terroir.

Today joined by the fourth generation, the son, Jean-François, oenologist & the daughter, Marianne, thinking head, promise great ambitions for the years to come.


Located in the Marne Valley, our vineyard is located on each side of the river "La Marne" - Right Bank & Left Bank. In this part of Champagne, the soils are mainly clay-limestone and sometimes even sandy, especially in Fleury-la-Rivière. These soils offer minerality & a creamy texture.

The vines are 25 to 50 years old, and today they work the vineyard in sustainable viticulture, guaranteed by the High Environmental Value certification.