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Château Bourgneuf

In the heart of the prestigious Pomerol appellation, Château Bourgneuf is spread over 9 hectares in one unique holding. Bourgneuf has belonged to the Vayron family since 1840. Eight generations have succeeded each other, transmitting their love for this land and its history.


Pomerol Terroir

The Château Bourgneuf vineyard, contiguous to Trotanoy, is situated on the slope of the Pomerol plateau. Its geographical location allows for a maximum of sunlight. This privileged location, together with the nature of its soil, represents essential factors in its quality. Although the slopes are gentle ones, one may consider that the Bourgneuf vineyard is situated on a slope with a South-East/North-West axis.

The vineyard is made up of three major soil types : on the upper portion of the vineyard, the pure clay produces grapes that are very rich, dense, and with great phenolic qualities ; on the intermediate portion, descending the slope the soils go from clayey-sand to sandy-clay, producing grapes that are complex, delicate and elegant ; on the lower portion the soils are very gravelly, of magnificent quality and very propitious for the crafting of a grape with strong oenological potential. 

This association of gravel on clay and pure clay confers upon the wines their complexity, finesse and strength. The planted grape variety proportions at Bourgneuf consist of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc. On the soils of Pomerol, the Merlot finds the perfect conditions for its fullest expression.



Special care is taken for the management of the vineyard and the soil labour (plowing, harrowing, etc.). 

In 2007, pedological pit analyses were undertaken on the entire property so as to more precisely understand the sub-soils and the established root behavior of the vines.

The entire green harvesting is undertaken by hand, which permits us to respond to the specific climatic conditions and the particularities of each vintage.
The harvesting is all hand -picked and on a by-parcel basis, finished at the optimal maturity date so as to preserve the brilliance of the fruit. After a careful sorting selection at reception the grapes are then lightly crushed.

The vinification is then undertaken in temperature controlled, cement vats.
The alcoholic fermentation is progressively conducted with manual pumping over for an extraction that is tapered to the vintage, which conserves the fruity, fresh and concentrated Merlots.

The barrel-ageing in French oak (35% new, 65% of one and two-wine barrels) is spread over a period of 12 to 14 months.