Il Canovino

Since 1893, generations and passion.
A summer evening. Silence, thousands of stars framed by the hills and the city lights in the background. The long rows; well-tended vineyards tracing elegant patterns on the slopes. It really was a magical place, that simply named, yet important land: Canova.
A man filled his soul with those wonders and dreamed…He grew up, year after year, learning to admire and savour the sweet fruit of those simple plants, their nectar so precious and renowned. It's a time honoured tradition. A timeless art. It's their pride to share it."

- Tenuta il Canovino

The Land

The Land extends in Valpolicella, in an area named Canova. OIt has a South exposition; pleasant slopes at 200/250 m. above sea level.

The soil has calcareous origin and present aspects of variability in its conformation; the results are a different water supply to the plants during the different stages of their development and a great growth of the leaves and of the grapes.

The team firmly believes in the significance of being respectful of biological times and rules. As in the vineyard as in the winery, only natural products and techniques have been used.

The Technique

A balance reached year by year. The team feel strong with their ancient knowledge, but they also want to welcome all the good things that are taken by the future. Every day the team undertake to enhance through the modern sight and know-how, what they received by our long and ancient tradition. Each wine has its time … the ability to understand it, the patience to respect it, the constant cares make a wine a great wine.