110 years: generations, land and wine
A family that has been working together for five generations and that cultivates a passion for wine in a harmony that emerges in the notes of its wines. Generations that over time have passed on love and passion for the land to their children. The strength of the Campagnola family is held in its wines that tell its identity and history.

The production estates of the Campagnola family belong to vocated and historical terroirs, where the generosity of the land is combined with the passion and skills of man. Five distinct identities that contain the essence of aromas, scents and colors expressed in each blend.

The art of wine making of the Campagnola family has reached its fifth generation: a passion that has been handed down from father to son. The Giuseppe Campagnola winery has its heart in Marano di Valpolicella, where it produces and vinifies the grapes, both from suitable land owned and from historical suppliers, still identified in the 1950s by grandfather Luigi, with a view to continuous improvement of the quality of the grapes.

This passion for the art of wine-making goes back to Carlo Campagnola, who was involved at an early age in the wine trade, followed by his wife Caterina Zardini who, after the untimely death of her husband, courageously continued the business and in 1907 won the medal for the best “Vino Recciotto” at the Wine Exhibition in Verona.
The enterprising spirit of Carlo and Caterina was inherited by Giuseppe, one of ten children, who together with his brothers in 1926 acquired the “Antica Osteria ai Portoni Borsari” in Verona where the wines made on the family farm were sold.
In the 1940s, with the outbreak of World War II, he moved with his children Giancarlo and Luigi to the current location in Valgatara, where production and selection of classic Verona wines still continues and develops today. Giuseppe bought most of the vineyards from his brothers and continued his course with the goal of creating high quality products. This was how the current company gradually came into being and when the historic cellar was built, where still today the traditional Valpolicella red wines are aged.

Wine-making traditions since 1907 in Marano di Valpolicella valley. Five generations enamoured of land, vineyards and grapes. This was the year when the century-long story began of a wine cellar achieving excellence thanks to the love and passion of its components.


Respect for tradition can never be separate from our duty to give future generations the resources they need to improve the quality of their lives. It is this conviction that has led Campagnola’ s commitment to sustainability. A “green” path that the Campagnola family has already been implementing in its estates for some time now. Sustainability is the key word to contribute to the idea of ​​the future of one of the most important denominations of Italian wine.


In the certified organic cultivation of the vineyards of the Campagnola estates, products of natural origin are used, a lot of commitment and passion, which make it possible to obtain high quality grapes while respecting the environment, biodiversity and the ecosystem. The great value of Campagnola is the will to convey the sense of a community that works towards a single direction, that of quality, brought to the new generations, to safeguard a territory and a heritage of ingenuity and passion.