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Hagiwara Sake Brewery

Hagiwara Sake Brewery has a history of 165 years. It is located in Sakai-cho, Sashim-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture. Sakai Town faces Sekiyado Town (currently Noda City) in Chiba Prefecture across the Tone River and has prospered as a transportation hub since the Muromachi period. The Brewery takes advantage of the water from the Tone River basin for sake brewing. The 6th generation from the Fujiemon has taken over the sake brewing business since it started in 1855. The brand name “Tokumasamune” was named after the sake virtue of “when there you are in a great mood and drink sake and enjoy it, it supplements itself”.

The Hagiwara sake brewery is committed to making traditional sake and delivering high-quality and delicious sake. Times have changed and businesses are coming up with ways to use sake in snacks and cosmetics. Hagiwara wants to take on the challenges of customers' demands but never forgets to preserve traditions.