Founded in 1977, Grattamacco was one of the first wineries in Bolgheri. Acquired by the Tipa Bertarelli Family in 2002, Grattamacco is now a part of the ColleMassari Group. The Grattamacco winery is located about an hour away from Castello ColleMassari. It dates back to 1977 and it lies on a hill between Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri, enjoying a panoramic view of the Tuscan coast.

A region typically known for Cabernet and Merlot, Grattamacco sets itself apart from surrounding wineries with its winemaking practice of using 15% Sangiovese to impart quality and elegance in its wines. Grattamacco was the first winery in Bolgheri to plant Vermentino and to use Sangiovese because of its high altitude despite its proximity to the coast. Grattamacco wines are known for their power, elegance and complexity that evolves with time.

The 67 acres of vineyards are located on a rise between Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri, with a panoramic view of the Tuscan coast. They span over one of Bolgheri’s only two hills and are surrounded by other internationally renowned Bolgheri properties. Vineyards are located at 100-150 meters above sea level in a protected position on the hilly side of the Bolgheri, here Grattamacco together with other wineries, make the name Bolgheri internationally renowned.
This area benefits from a drier and fresher climate that allow us, in combination with the soil, to grow not only French grapes but Sangiovese and Vermentino as well. With considerable temperature fluctuations and is famous for its world class wines.

Integrity, quality and teamwork are values upheld by the Tipa Bertarelli Family. They apply Italian passion and Swiss precision in crafting wines that represent top quality, history and identity of the region. The winery practices sustainable and natural methods in full respect of nature. Their final pillar and belief is to protect and maintain the identity of Tuscany and its traditions. While innovating in the vineyard and cellar, their wines always reflect the tradition of the region.