Celler Piñol

Celler Piñol is a family run cellar located in the medieval town of Batea, Terra Alta. They are devoted to the winemaking of organic farming with wines with D.O. Terra Alta. Their love, passion and enthusiasm permeate our lives. At Celler Piñol, their land and family are the the main focus on which they rely, and that has allowed them to have, maintain and transmit all the knowledge to be able to winemade the finest wines in the area. The wines in Celler Pinol are a tribute to their grandparents, parents or siblings.

Hailing from Spain, Celler Pinol's Portal Rosat is made with 75% Garnacha and 25% Syrah. It gets its light salmon color from maceration periods ranging from 4 hours for the Syrah and 12 hours for the Garnacha. It’s an explosion of red fruits, some ripe berries and hints of mineral notes. Crisp and very inviting once in the mouth with a sweetness touch and great acidity. The Portal Rosat is perfect for food pairing. Ranging from seafoods to even heartier dishes like roast chicken or pork. Perfect to drink by the glass or pairing with a good dinner.