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Bodegas Urbina

Urbina Vinos is a family winery located in Cuzcurrita del río Tirón with more than 150 years of history.

In 1870, Salvador Urbina moved to Cuzcurrita and produced the first wines with vineyard that are still in use currently in Urbina wines. His son, Ciriaco and Paquita continue the passion.Currently, the winery is being led by the fourth generation, Angel, Pedro and Santiago. They all play important roles in the sectors and are credited by great winemaking experience.

The wines are only produced with grapes from their own vineyard. They respect the viticulture and only use organic fertilizer to maintain the richness and structure of the soil, which contributes to the essence and characteristics of the fruits. The cultivation is done in traditional bush and double cordon, without forcing production with yields between 5,000 and 6,500 kg/Ha. Traditional practices are followed and pesticide and fungicides are used sparingly. During the elaboration, native yeasts are used to give the wine a unique personality and complexity of Urbina wines.

Bodegas Urbina wines have the largest sales volume in Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Ukraine, Australia, China and the United States. There their wines are compared with famous Burgundy wines in the bars and restaurants due to the complexity and elegance of the wine its excellent quality to price ratio.