Bodegas Tridente

Bodegas Tridente is a small winery in the Castilla y León region that is a part of the Gil Family Estates. Gil Family Estates is a group formed by a series of small wineries scattered throughout the Spanish geography that have been joining the family since 2002. They unite a broad portfolio of Spanish wines under a single commercial brand.

Founded in 2008, Bodegas Tridente is located in Villanueva de Campeán, about 30 km from Zamora in the midst of ‘Tierra del Vino’ (Land of the Wine) country. They are known for making great wines of high quality, mainly from Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo). With this local indigenous variety they combine Prieto Picudo and Mencía, originating from vineyards that are fairly old and low-yielding in Bierzo and León.

The winery has more than 30 parcels of old vineyards, some boasting grapevines over 100 years old. The ancient lands of the Kingdom of León, with their icy winds in the depth of winter and muggy summers, chisel the temperament of Bodegas Tridente wines with strength and distinction. The wines are given their character by the centuries-old, low-production vineyards, guarded with zeal and harvested by hand. On the gravel soils, where the cavalry helmets of the Knights Templar resounded, pearl clusters of Tempranillo and the indigenous varieties Tinta de Toro and Prieto Picudo grow. The careful production of the winery offers a complete variety of young reds with noble wood accords, complemented by the authority of elegant ageing.

The management of technical operations and production comes under the responsibility of winemaker Amy Hopkins from New Zealand, an expert when it comes to handling the winery’s 3 varieties, who has spent a number of years working in the region and with good results.