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Bisol Winery

Bisol is a vineyard that has existed in Valdobbiadene for five centuries. Evidence of the presence of the Bisol family in the historic heart of the Prosecco production area, or the area called "Chartice" - the current and very prestigious Cartizze hill - can be found as early as the 16th century.

Numerous references to the family are found throughout the centuries, a sure sign of the permanence of the Bisol ancestors in the lands of Valdobbiadene, up to 1542, an important historical reference that marks the affirmation of the Bisol family wine-growing and wine-making vocation: Eliseo Bisol gives life to a small and flourishing trade. Only the brutality of the First World War succeeds in temporarily stopping this exercise - in fact, the territory of Valdobbiadene was right on the border that opposed the Austro-Hungarian army to the Italian one - however, the centuries-old wine-making activity of the Bisol family regained vigor around the mid-twenties, thanks to Desiderio Bisol, son of Eliseo.

In the second post-war period Desiderio - or Jeio, as his wife used to call him - assigns the different corporate roles to each of the four children, based on their training: Antonio takes care of the administration, Eliseo of the oenological part, Aurelio of the vineyards, while Claudio della general company management. From that moment on, the qualitative growth of the company was determined above all by the opportunity to experiment new techniques on its own vineyards, a necessary prerequisite for producing wines of the highest level. As Antonio Bisol, the current president of the company, recalls, "my father Desiderio always tried to buy the best plots, the most expensive and steep, so difficult to work, but whose slope and composition were ideal for breeding Glera, demonstrating extreme sensitivity to product quality ".

"Belstar" nice way to call a vineyard where you feel good. Originated at the gates of the Historic Prosecco and then developed on the land chosen for the production of Prosecco D.O.C. in the area protected since 2009, the year of its formal establishment in Italy. The origin of the territories, different for their pedological characteristics, are selected by the experience of the Bisol family and united to give the right combination of freshness, elegance, volume and authenticity.

The Conegliano Valdobbiadene area is the chosen land of Prosecco Superiore. A land as generous as it is difficult to work for the conformation of its hills; steep terrain, on which vineyards cling which still force men to practice heroic viticulture, where every gesture is done strictly by hand. The privileged position of the hills, between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomites, ensures a unique combination from a microclimatic point of view: constant ventilation, perfect sun exposure and the right temperature range. Precisely on these steep hills, the Glera grape has found its ideal habitat, allowing excellent wine production recognized all over the world.

The hills of Valdobbiadene are witnesses of the close bond created between man and landscape and how they shaped each other. On the one hand the winemakers have redesigned the landscape, following its natural forms, on the other the steep hills have imposed on them a heroic viticulture, characterized by manual breeding and harvesting operations. Even today, winemakers take up to a thousand hours per hectare to cultivate a vineyard in this area, ten times the time spent on the plains, where viticulture is mechanized.