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Bindi Sergardi – Tenuta Mocenni

The estate is located near Vagliagli, just north of Siena, in the land of Chianti Classico. The vineyards of Mocenni lie on an amphitheatre-shaped land facing south and enjoying full light and warmth. The high altitude of 500 meters (1640 feet) and the exceptionally high presence of Galestro and Alberese stones, represent the archetype of a sangiovese vine’s aspiration.

Continous research and experiments on new sangiovese clones and cultivation techniques are the foundations of Bindi Sergardi’s excellence. Mocenni’s origins date back to 1067 when it was a fortress for Siena's defence, and during the years it became a mill. The name "Mocenni" comes form the italian word for millstone, "macina". In 1765, in the real estate registry of Granduke Pietro Leopoldo, it was called “Moceni”, until today’s Mocenni. To represent the Bindi Sergardi family's philosophy, an Alberese and Galestro pyramid was build in a Mocenni vineyard: the base is as strong the seven centuries of experience that distinguish the family, while the summit points to the sky representing a continuous evolution inside excellence.