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Smederevka is considered a traditional grape variety in Serbia and has been grown in the region for centuries. It is named after the town of Smederevo, which is located on the banks of the Danube River and has a long history of winemaking

Varietal Origin: Smederevka is a white grape variety that is native to Serbia, specifically the region of Smederevo. It is one of the most widely grown grape varieties in Serbia and is also found in neighboring countries such as North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Typical Taste Profile: Smederevka wines are known for their light and crisp style, with refreshing acidity and delicate flavors. They often exhibit notes of green apple, citrus, and floral characteristics, with a clean and crisp finish. Smederevka is generally considered a simple and easy-drinking wine, best consumed while young and fresh.

Winemaking Techniques: Smederevka is often used to produce dry, unoaked white wines that are meant to be consumed young. It is typically fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve its fresh and fruity flavors. Some winemakers may also use a small amount of oak aging or lees stirring to add complexity and texture to the wine, or use it as a blending grape with other regional varietals such as Rkatsiteli, or Chardonnay

Food Pairings: Smederevka's light and refreshing style makes it a great match for light appetizers, salads, grilled fish, and seafood dishes. Its crisp acidity can also cut through richer foods, making it a versatile pairing for a wide range of dishes.

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