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Weingut J. Heinrich

Weingut J. Heinrich is located in Burgenland, Austria. The winery focuses on red wines from single vineyards and Blaufränkisch in particular. Owner / winemaker Silvia Heinrich was voted Winemaker of the Year 2014 in Austria.

Silvia Heinrich is a vintner by calling – the Blaufränkisch, which she vinifies with great sensitivity, is her passion. Their top-class wines have inspired fans and the wine world alike. Even though the label's logo reads J. Heinrich, which stands for her father Johann, Silvia Heinrich has been in charge of the winery for several years, and with great success. With great consistency, she has made an important name for herself for producing wines made from first-class red vineyards (such as Goldberg, Hochberg or Siglos around Deutschkreutz).

Today, the Heinrich family farms 40ha of vineyards. These include Goldberg, Weisses Kreuz, Hochberg, Neuberg, Kart, Fabian and Siglos. The plots were planted by Silvia's grandfather more than 50 years ago. They use environmentally conscious and sustainable practices in the vineyard and work is done primarily by hand. Manual work, greening, promoting soil life, selective manual harvesting. These are the ingredients that make up the quality of their wines. Sustainability is not a buzzword for them, but has been their way of life for many years. After all, the roots of quality are in the vineyard! According to this principle, they - as the Heinrich family - feel obliged to pass on a liveable landscape and intact environment to the next generation.

For them, sustainability means:

  • careful cultivation and loving care of the vineyards
    • No pesticides, insecticides or herbicides AND they are glyphosate-free
    • year-round greening of their vineyards
    • steady growth of beneficial insects and increasing soil recovery
    • Gentle vinification of the wines with high quality standards
    • Photovoltaic system / solar system & wood chip heating for minimal resource consumption
    • fair wages and employment

                Thanks to natural and sustainable cultivation, their vines grow in a stable, robust equilibrium under the influence of the Pannonian climate, near Lake Neusiedl. Silvia's motto is "less is more". Focusing on a few selected grape varieties and natural cultivation, the aim is for home - the Blaufränkischland - to be reflected in the wines.

                No other variety conveys its homeland quite like the Blaufränkisch – and that is what Silvia wants to convey with her wines: the origin. These are the ingredients that make uncompromising quality in the bottle. Quality that is recognized world-wide. Wines that spread pleasure and make you want more!