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Georgians pride themselves with centuries of winemaking traditions and archaeologists date the roots of viticulture back from 8,000 years ago. Throughout this long history, wine growers have always sung and played music during the harvest, celebrating nature, wine and human relationship. In Georgian folk there are songs which are dedicated especially to vine. In these songs, vine is treated as a living being, and warm, loving words are lavished on vineyards. And this became vismino’s first inspiration.

The name “vismino” means “I should be listening.” It perfectly transmits the essence of the brand, and invites all attentive “listeners”, observers, learners, experimenters to fully enjoy life’s experiences.

Organic Winemaking

The vineyard management is based on organic fertilization to keep the soil “alive.” From 2022, the entire Vismino line will become Bio organic. With this switch to organic, it deepens its social responsibility and enables a rediscovery of authentic-tasting wine.
All GWS terroirs are divided into 80 parcels of five hectares. Parcels dedicated to the Vismino line are given specialized attention by our experts.
French oak barrels are used during the Vismino fermentation and maturation process. Careful selection of the type of oak, the terroir of the oak trees, and the level of barrel toasting help to assure the exquisite taste and balance of Vismino wines.