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Vaona Odino

In the heart of the Classic Valpolicella area, more precisely in the municipal district of Marano, the Vaona family has always made Valpolicella wines while preserving the traditional values that are the winery's hallmarks. 

The recently renovated wine cellar is part of a complex built around the mid-17th century.

For generations, the whole family has been making RECIOTO and AMARONE della Valpolicella wines with passion and sacrifice every day. 

The Vaona family owns about 10 hectares of land, characterised by excellent sun exposure, mainly in the hills and at an average altitude of about 200 metres above sea level.

The fertile soils are ideal for producing the most famous and loved wines, AMARONE and RECIOTO della Valpolicella.

The plant training systems used are: the traditional Veronese pergola system, and the Guyot system on the plains.

The latter system encourages a low yield of finer quality grapes.