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Testament Winery

Testament is the brainchild of winemakers Juraj Sladic and Igor Radovanovic, who aim to combine Dalmatia’s rich winemaking traditions with modern techniques while producing quality Croatian wines to sell at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy them.

Testament winery vineyards are located in the wine-growing region of Northern Dalmatia, in the immediate vicinity of the medieval town, Šibenik. With the unique climate and the specificity of the soil, their grapes have constantly struggled to grow and thrive. This centuries-old ritual of survival is felt and seen in the intense and deep colour of their wines, and in their intense flavours and aromas.

Testament's unique wines come from the Pošip and Babić grape. Both varieties are indigenous, and Babić grapes only grow on this part of the Dalmatian coast, where Testament vineyards are located. Testament wines are created in an organic production process with the benefits of the region’s special microclimate and soil, giving them a particularly rich and complex taste.