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Tenuta Luce della Vite

When Vittorio Frescobaldi met Robert Mondavi in the early 90s, a new chapter in the history of the great Tuscan wines was written. From that meeting, a wine came to life inspired by the desire to make a dream come true: to create a wine in Montalcino, a land of choice for the production of excellent wines, that went beyond the boundaries of tradition, while acknowledging and celebrating it, by treasuring the experiences of two historic families in the world of wine.

This ambitious project took the name of Tenuta Luce, a name that evokes the sunlight of Montalcino, which is the source of life and nourishment, and marks the passage of the seasons and sets the pace for any and every agricultural activity. Since then, Tenuta Luce has always honoured this vision and the symbolic wine of the Tenuta, Luce, has been joined by other exclusive wines, capable of going beyond the boundaries of their territory and earning unanimous approval nationally and internationally.

In 2005, Lamberto Frescobaldi, Vittorio’s son, inherited the direction of the Tenuta Luce project. Today, he is responsible for all production guidelines, from the vineyard to the creation of the blends of each vintage. His work, driven by deep respect for the land and its people, results in transforming the fruits of the grapevines into fine wines, which reflect the beauty of the land where they are born.

In 2016, following the latest acquisition, Tenuta Luce equipped itself with a new winery, an underground structure perfectly integrated into the land of Montalcino. Here we find the Luce Collection that, like an ancient library, preserves and tells the whole story of Luce. Here too, as in the vineyards, the values ​​of Tenuta Luce guide every choice. Alongside the beauty of nature found in vineyards, here, in the winery, we find beauty built by man to inspire us to ever better work.

The many-rayed Sun, Luce’s Symbol.

Following an attentive iconographic study, the graphical representation of Luce fell to a golden sun with twelve flames. A sun that holds a double meaning, it is a source of life and nourishment while at the same time standing as a reference to the roots of our Tuscan cultural tradition. In past centuries, especially in Tuscany, the symbol of the Sun has in fact occupied a prominent place in both civil and religious iconography.

The historic representation that Luce’s logo mostly draws inspiration from is the sun found on the main altar of Santo Spirito in Florence, a basilica built on land donated by the Frescobaldi family. The ever-recurring cycles of human history, the infinite cycle of generations and of existences.  The altar, a masterpiece of the ducal production between 1599 and 1607, is decorated with an inlay that enhances the color of the lapis lazuli, onyx and different marbles.