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Primus is a leading brand of premium Chilean wines and a preeminent example of Chilean quality capabilities. The name Primus is Latin and means “the first” or “the first among its peers”, and for good reason. The winery was founded more than 20 years ago by Agustin Hunneus. It was truly a pioneering brand as it was the first to blend Chile’s signature red grapes: Cabernet and Carmenère. The intrepid spirit of that first blend guides these wines and is constantly seeking new possibilities. Representing innovation, quality and originality, Primus not only strives to be the first, but also the best.

Today, The Blend is still the standard bearer for Primus, and has been joined by two single varietal wines: Primus Cabernet Sauvignon and Primus Carmenère. Fruit is selected from the most renowned areas in Chile for red varieties: Apalta, a sub-region Colchagua, and Maipo. These are gourmet wines known for their balance, elegance and freshness. Ageing in oak barrels and foudres give elegance and finesse to the wines. All farming practices are organic.

Winemaker Sofía Araya. Born and raised in Chile, Sofía was inspired to become a winemaker by the surrounding views of vineyards in her grandfather's farm.


Primus vineyards are located in renowned areas of red wine production. They adhere to organic practices in all of their estates, which gives way to healthy soils, pure fruit and expressive wines.
Apalta, Colchagua Valley

The Apalta vineyards are located on old alluvial riverbeds of the Tinguiririca. It is a privileged location protected by nature, where the Andes and Coastal mountain ranges meet to form an impressive half moon of mountains.
A vineyard with history, whose pre-phylloxera vines from imported French roots continue to produce high-quality fruit year after year.
The hundred-year-old vines have a deep root system, which requires minimal intervention. Both the volcanic granitic soils from the mountains and the silty soils from the river allow for natural drainage. These conditions, along with a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, result in mature grapes that produce balanced, elegant wines.
Alto Maipo, Maipo Valley
The Maipo Valley lies at the base of the Andes Mountains, south of Santiago where one of Chile’s most important rivers begins, hence the appellation’s name.
Throughout history, the Maipo River has had three major floods, which formed three alluvial terraces similar to those of Bordeaux. The Primus vineyards are located on the third terrace, with alluvial soils, excellent drainage and moderate fertility.
Though Cabernet Sauvignon is a very vigorous variety, these soil conditions restrain its growth. The rocky soils in contact with the roots also provide a certain minerality to the wine, expressing the Andes Mountains in each glass. These conditions allow for lengthy wines that are elegant and balanced with great concentration and smooth tannins.