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Patrick Sullivan Wines

Patrick Sullivan works with his wife Megan in Yarra Valley to produce authentic wines on their own farm in the Strezleki ranges, Gippsland, Australia.

Born and raised in rural regions of Victoria, Australia, Patrick Sullivan had a nomadic childhood. His first vinous whiff probably came whilst climbing the Cambrian hills north of central Victoria on a farm his family once owned. Today, he has established himself as one of Australia's most exciting, sought-after and respected producers.


A Little History

Patrick's path to winemaking began at the age of 12 when he spent time planting vines during the school break. This initial spark developed into a fascination and focus on the science and intrigue of growing produce. At the end of high school, Patrick spent two years working and travelling in Europe to learn winemaking techniques. He then returned to Australia to study botany and complete a post-graduate in actuarial science. Patrick went on to gain invaluable experience working alongside respected winemakers (such as Stuart Proud, William Downie, Anna Martens and Eric Narioo) in various organically and biodynamically managed vineyards in Victoria. He did this for some time before carefully launching his own label.

Patrick Sullivan Wines

In 2010, Patrick launched his own brand, Patrick Sullivan Wines, using grapes grown on leased farmland. He purchased his own farm and winery in 2015, which he runs with his wife Megan. The brand embodies Patrick's passion for and commitment to his natural surroundings, with each of his small-batch boutique wines inspired by an emotion, a moment in time and a sense of place.

Patrick's approach to the land and its produce is entirely sensory. The bottles at the end of the wine-making process are filled with a pure expression of the fruit that goes into it, with no intervention other than time. He is entirely immersed in the process and a true purveyor of producing acclaimed, intriguing and honest wines.

In describing his wine-making philosophy, Patrick says: "I do not put myself in the category of Natural Wines. I only make wine. Natural Wine is a constructed term that I do not like very much. I make wine in the way I like it and in the style that I like to drink and I do not feel better than someone who acidifies or uses selected yeasts. I do not do it because I do not like it. I do it differently.”

Patrick's focus is in the vineyard, not the cellar. He produces his wines from grapes that come from organic and biodynamic vineyards and provides minimal intervention to the wine-making process. Only a handful of vintages into his label, we can't wait to see what he produces next!