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Odfjell Vineyard

Norwegian ship owner Dan Odfjell has spent his life traveling the world and exploring new horizons. One of his voyages brought him to Chile in the 1980s. He discovered the Maipo Valley, where he fell in love with the beautiful scenery and the gorgeous dry climate. And at one particular fruit farm, it was love at first sight—and he decided to put down roots. This is where his lifelong dream of being a farmer came to life, and this was the start of the journey toward what is now Odfjell Vineyards.
Odfjell is a family-owned winery committed to making vibrant organic wines of the highest quality that express the unique personality of our vineyards by following principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Inspired by the exploring spirit of the Vikings, the team makes wines of the highest quality for those who have the souls of explorers, while respecting the earth, the processes, and the people in accordance with practices of sustainability.

The best of Chile can be found in this bottle. They firmly believe in sustainability as the fundamental pillar that guides their work of delivering vibrant wines that generate value for their partners and consumers.

Chile has a privileged climate with immense diversity due to its length and position between Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountain. It is a rich country where winemakers are constantly pushing boundaries, a movement they are proud to be a part of. Nature provides Chile with everything it needs to develop and become known worldwide as “The Organic Country.” This is a path they hope many will join in pursuing.

They make wines that express their specific origins in their vineyards by following the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture. They only use products of natural origin and promote respect for the ecosystem. In recent vintages they have only used native yeasts, so our wines are truly unique to their origin.

They are concerned with understanding the natural cycles to heal and revitalize the land, and they seek to strengthen the connection between humans and nature.

The winemaking process starts in the vineyards with the way we farm. They harvest some of our vineyards twice—once early and once—late to produce naturally well-balanced wines.