Melati was founded in Singapore by Lorin Winata. It all started with a visit to Winata’s ancestral farmland in Jatiluwih, Bali. As someone who understood that going out and socialising over drinks is the hallmark of youths in Singapore, Winata's ambition was to coalesce the botanicals she’d consumed all her life and reformat them into a non-alcoholic drink for modern consumers, with health benefits to boot.

People value their careers and enjoy the social scene, but know that health is their greatest asset. Melati set out to create a drink that allows people to be their best selves, while nailing the challenges of modern life. To network and enjoy a social night out without the guilt, empty calories or adverse effects of alcohol.

The 26 botanicals in the spirits are carefully sourced and hand-picked. The highest quality hibiscus, cacao, ginger and spices. Each botanical is individually treated for maximum potency to craft an uplifting, restorative, zero-alcohol, plant-based aperitif.