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Mastrojanni has been writing history with its wines since 1975, collecting awards from all over the world And in those years, only a few entered the wine-making adventure in Montalcino.

Today, thanks to an exceptional terroir and men who have believed in it for decades, Mastrojanni has become one of the most respected Montalcino producers as far as wine buffs are concerned.

1975, Roman lawyer, Gabriele Mastrojanni buys the San Pio and Loreto estates. These lands have been poorly populated and poorly cultivated throughout the history of humanity: the land was therefore virgin, clean, without any form of pollution which man was then able to deface. It was here that Gabriele Mastrojanni bought the San Pio and Loreto estates and decided to plant his first vineyards, of which part are still producing wines today.

And right from the very start he knew that a land as difficult as this would be generous when it came to quality, but extremely sparse as far as quantity was concerned: he was right. Others, before him, beginning with that pioneering spirit who was the first Biondi-Santi and who invented the Brunello di Montalcino, had had the same experience, and the territory had been clear in its answer, that the best grape variety for these lands was the Sangiovese Grosso. Mastrojanni, wanting to make a fine Brunello, planted just that, Sangiovese, choosing a planting pattern which allowed him to work comfortably with tractors whilst at the same time having a sufficiently high plant density: 5,700 plants per hectare.

Special men who create special company culture. Andrea Machetti took the reins of Mastrojanni in 1992 transforming it into one of the most highly respected producers in Montalcino. Andrea is a man of few words and by now knows each of the estate’s vines perfectly. He knows how to grow them and make them feel good bringing ripe fruit year after year because he is there, always there, following every single detail, from a barrel which needs to be replaced or attend to a plant in need of help. And he knows that this is the only way to make a fine wine: to be at its beck and call. World-famous winemaker Maurizio Castelli arrived. Maurizio is like Andrea and like the rest of us a “non-interventionist”: he tries to leave the wine to carry out its own evolution, dictated by its own nature. But it is clear that a winemaker is like a doctor, and he has to know when there is a problem and how to cure it. His trick, like that of the best doctors, is “prevention”. Or rather working in a preventative fashion, through a careful and continuous presence in the winery and systematically controlling in order to protect the wine from any possible “colds” that might attack it. In this way, thanks to the setup created by Andrea and Maurizio, Mastrojanni wines are always among the top ones of the whole appellation.