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Established in 1885, Lumière is a family-owned winery continuously operating for 130 years in Yamanashi prefecture, the most famous and historical region for Japan's wine production. They have overcome challenges and succeeded in making high quality wines. Since 1967, Lumière wines have won medals in top European competitions. These award winning wines are showcased in our restaurant and shop. Lumière also promotes a wine and dine culture by offering french style dining, which uses local seasonal ingredients, in their winery restaurant.

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Yamanashi is the most spectacular vineyard region in Japan. Lumière's main vineyards are very special, located in areas with alluvial soils and decomposed granite rocks, which provide great drainage. The vineyards are cultivated using grass cover crop and no-tillage systems. This enhances the true nature of the grapes, allowing the wines to express their utmost potential.

All of the grapes are harvested by hand. Grapes for the high class wines are then hand-sorted on a sorting table and gently deposited into the destemmer. A gravity-flow system is utilised to bring the wines down naturally from the fermentation tank to the ageing barrels without mechanical pumps.

All of their sparkling wines are made using the traditional Champagne method, which contains two fermentation steps. First fermentation begins after harvest and pressurage. This base wine is converted to sparkling wine by adding sugar. During secondary fermentation, otherwise called bottle fermentation, which creates carbon dioxide. After these steps, the sparkling wines age in the bottle more than 12 months.